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Paul Avanti Iannuzzelli comes with a solid educational background (a Masters in Curriculum Design) and decades of experience and knowledge in both the Education and Corporate Sectors.

Having worked with Educational constructs in a variety of countries, (primarily UK, Australia, Italy and Finland - one of the premier education systems in the world) across all levels from Early Stages to Tertiary as well as adult education in the Corporate arena, I am able to draw upon a wide range of effective strategies when designing learning strategies, curricula or courses.


Current trends in Education, although intertwined with research and observational studies, can also be convoluted and confusing to the inexperienced.  More than anything, context on the basis of educational psychology and decades of experience is often the missing ingredient when it comes to understanding and implementation.  

I enjoy incorporating all facets of educational discovery as they emerge in the body of learning, but also I believe in the value of context, and particularly when it comes to interpreting them for a client's direct needs.  This is so that the most effective solution can be found where nothing is 'lost in translation' and important regulatory frameworks are not overlooked.

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