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Paul Avanti Iannuzzelli comes with a solid educational background (a Masters in Curriculum Design) and decades of experience and knowledge in both the Education and Corporate Sectors.

Providing the best e-learning solutions requires a comprehensive understanding of educational psychology and pedagogy, online learner interaction possibilities, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, and a thorough understanding of provider core values, management expectations and objectives.  Good e-learning solutions should incorporate all of these elements into a seamless experience from start to finish.

I believe customisation is a key component in providing e-learning solutions, and this should be an infusion of brand consistency and underlying company philosophy. Provider feedback during the constructions phase is an essential part of contextualising e-learning solutions, particularly within Corporate settings.  Further, adaptability to localised environments is essential, and it will maintain the most effective path to direct results. This extends to placing microlearning within the greater framework of long-term outcomes, and even help to maintain company vision and learner loyalty. 

Although gamification has opened up the possibility for motivational interaction within e-learning environments, it is only the starting place for truly inspirational learning experiences.  Learner engagement and provider satisfaction are able to extend to long-term effectiveness with expert e-learning solutions.

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