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Paul Avanti Iannuzzelli comes with a solid educational background (a Masters in Curriculum Design) and decades of experience and knowledge in both the Education and Corporate Sectors.

I have found that as a qualified learning educator, understanding learning concepts is the baseline framework for creating any effective e-learning program. Whether the authoring tools be Articulate, iSpring, Captivate or any other, decades of experience and knowledge gained through a variety of educational and corporate contexts stretching around the globe have enabled me to maximise learning management system capabilities with practical and measurable learning outcomes.  

At the core, I believe each individual's intrinsic motivators need to be unlocked through any number of engaging multi-media formats to the point where the learning process not only becomes extremely effective, but also self-perpetuating.

Content selection is vital, and once solid educational building blocks have been established in the design structure, the need for intuitive sequencing coupled with learner-based discovery becomes synergistically synthesised.  

As an E-Learning Developer with a Creativity Specialisation, the challenge to humanise computer-based learning environments has become a distinguishing focus of my work from as early as the 1990's.  Today, the wealth of tools and opportunities available are extensive beyond limit, and careful selection with crafted precision can deliver outcomes never before possible.

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